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Official Feature has been in business for sixteen (16) years as a Project Management Company. Our primary focus is on the successful management of businesses within their business goals. The services that we provide assists with the outlining of a detailed plan of execution, presentation of RACI Chart to display assigned tasks, monitoring, accountability, and controlling of management for the development of your company’s projects: which includes training and/or consulting on additional topics needed for the success of the project.

Official Feature, LLC has experience in collaborating with project stakeholders in various areas including the coordination of the development of any and all digital content creation needed for the expansion of the company. Official Feature, LLC conducts organizational assessment and provides strategic planning through a series of consultations to pinpoint the current strengths, areas of opportunity, potential blind spots, company temperature check, assignment of S.M.A.R.T goals, and forecasting post strategy implementation for your company.


We advise on policy and program development and utilize our experiences to provide support during implementation after our consultation findings. We provide project management services by leading and supporting the success of any implementation of strategy development which also includes but is not limited to the workforce. We lead project status meetings with the team and follow up with project execution, activity completion, risk and issues, and changes by utilizing the latest software for project workflow.

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