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Management Team

NR Hunt: Chief Executive Officer/Founder of Official Feature, LLC

NR is the Founder of Official Feature, LLC with over fifteen (15) years of partnerships and collaborations with multiple businesses. NR has built a company that works closely with the Commissioner of Los Angeles but also, orchestrates and oversees the development of project management in various industries: such as estate management, finance, government contracts, mental health, fleet management, rideshare, help lines, business consulting, book publishing, ministries/church development & implementation, social media management, and media/music entertainment businesses.

Jyvhyshkarr Duclervil: Project Manager of Official Feature, LLC

Jyvhyshkarr is a Project Manager for over eleven (11) years, who specializes in business management. She devises innovative solutions to resolve business and technology challenges. By advancing business goals through careful team management and excellent communication, organizational and analytical capabilities. She actively holds a certification in Global Project Management Professional and ITILv4 Foundation for IT Service Management. She worked in an array of various industries such as Fashion, Human Resources, Technology, Education, and several Entrepreneurial businesses.

Demetrius Williams: Content Creator Manager of Official Feature, LLC

Demetrius has over eight (8) years of expertise in the area of content creation in the advertising industry. With his background in brand strategies, he ensures visually the reputation is always intact and consistent through the development of content management for multiple industries. With an analytical mindset, he has created effective strategies allowing for every problem to be highlighted with a solution through advertising and digital content.

Deja Hunt: Creative Director of Official Feature, LLC

Deja has over ten (10) years as a Director and with her background as a Human Resource Director she expanded her talents in the creative space by graphic designing, event planning, and overall the creative vision for businesses. She also manages CRM for employees, leads hiring campaigns, designs images, and creates strategies & policies for various businesses.

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